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A D Khan

Commercial Interior Designing Services

  • Classroom Interior Designing Service

    Classroom Interior Designing Service

    Whoever thinks that interior and designing is only for houses and commercial spaces then it is wrong. Even classrooms can be designed to make it a fun place to study. It can ignite ideas in the minds of students and will make them more creative,

  • Hotel Interior Designing Service

    Hotel Interior Designing Service

    Hotels are a place to have a meal and enjoy. However, being commercial spaces they must look attractive and different. They are a little different from your personal space as a lot of people will visit the place and should match with everyone’s

  • Office Interior Designing Services

    Office Interior Designing Services

    Office spaces are getting a whole lot of attention these days. With so many innovations and creativity surfacing these days, you can easily get a place that is attractive, creative and productive at the same time. With so many options available

  • Play School Interior Designing Service

    Play School Interior Designing Service

    Playschools are different from anything else. Kids who are toddlers and in kindergartens are quit the experimental and notorious ones. They need extra attention and safety is a major concern. To make sure that nothing is harmful or dangerous for

  • Restaurant Interior services

    Restaurant Interior services

    Restaurants are fun to visit. It can be for a cup of coffee or a quick catch up with friends and family or for lunch and meetings. Anyone looks for a place that is good enough to spend some time and have some good food. Restaurants can be subtle,

  • Bank Interior Designing Service

    Bank Interior Designing Service

    Banks are something where you will not see much of designs. They are subtle and sorted in terms of look to provide a professional feel to the customers. However, you can still choose to design it in a way that will be both professional and good

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